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  • October 29, 2023

This document defines the terms and conditions of use for the services offered by LimoLane S.R.L. (“LimoLane”), with tax code/VAT number 05939340963 and headquarters in Cornaredo (MI), Via per Monzoro, 41/43, And Limolane Ltd with Registered address: 3rd Floor 12 Gough Square London, England, EC4A 3DW and Company number: 13974666 on the digital platform accessible through the LimoLane app and website https://www.limolane.com/en/.


Dear user, before starting to navigate the site and before registering, we invite you to carefully read these terms and conditions that govern the use of the services offered through the site. 

Accessing, browsing, and using the site imply the express acceptance of the contractual terms and conditions set out in these General Conditions, as well as the consequent obligation for each user to comply with them. 

The Privacy Policy, available at: https://www.limolane.com/en/privacy-policy/, is to be considered an integral document incorporated into these General Conditions of use. 

Access to the site and its use are entirely voluntary and confer on the user, regardless of registration, the responsibility to comply and be contractually and legally bound by these Terms and the Privacy Policy. 

LimoLane reserves the right to modify the content of the General Conditions of use whenever it deems appropriate and without any prior notice. Consequently, it is the user’s responsibility to consult the Conditions each time they access the site. 

1. Service Definition

1.1 LimoLane, VAT/CF 05939340963, with registered office in Cornaredo (MI), Via per Monzoro 41/43, LimoLane Ltd (3rd Floor 12 Gough Square London, England, EC4A 3DW and company number 13974666) is engaged in the development, production, and marketing of a digital platform, of high technological value, for providing mobility services in general for companies, public entities, and private individuals. In particular, it offers the possibility to book chauffeur-driven rental services (“Chauffeur”), which belong to the category of non-scheduled public services and directly provide collective or individual transport of people, complementing and integrating with scheduled public services. LimoLane also offers the possibility to book other private mobility services such as, for example: buses, shuttles, and taxiboats within the so-called “Mobility as a Service.” In addition to these mobility services, LimoLane also offers ancillary services such as, for example and not exhaustively: hostesses, on-site dispatchers, meet & greet, event organizational secretariat. 

1.2 These services are provided at the request of users, who can be individuals (“Private Clients”) or collaborators and/or employees of companies or accommodation facilities (“Business Clients”) (collectively, “Client” or “Clients”), on a non-continuous or periodic basis, on routes and schedules established from time to time, only and exclusively upon reservation.  

1.3 The chauffeur service involves the provision of a vehicle for passenger transport driven exclusively by a driver registered in the relevant Professional Category Role at the Chambers of Commerce, possessing the specific requirements and valid documents that enable them to engage in public transport. 

2. Compliance with TFL PHV Regulations

2.1 Wherever Passenger Transport Services are provided pursuant to the PHV Regulations, LimoLane Ltd (as principal) has a direct contract with the User for the provision of such Passenger Transport Services. 

2.2 Without prejudice to any obligations imposed upon LimoLane Ltd by the PHV Regulations (in particular contracting with the User as principal under clause 2.1, LimoLane Ltd does not own, operate, or manage any Vehicles, and works with all Partners and Drivers as independent contractors. 

3. Type of services

3.1 The Chauffeur services offered by LimoLane are those listed in the “Services” section of the website and, in any case, are divided into the following types: 

  • Hourly Disposition: involves transporting the Client to the destination and remaining at their disposal; the rates depend on the time the vehicle remains available and the length of the journey. It is specified that the minimum hourly disposition is 4 hours. In addition, after 12 continuous hours of vehicle and driver disposition, LimoLane reserves the right to replace the driver and vehicle in order to comply with the maximum working hours of the driver;
  • Transfers: involve transporting the Client to the destination without any intermediate stops; once the destination is reached, the driver leaves the Client and is not at their disposal. These services include, for example, transfers to and from airports and other places of interest;
  • Private shuttles: are characterized by a constant schedule and route, and the service is repeated over time; once agreed with the Client, the type of vehicle is always the same except for exceptional situations;
  • Special services: aim to meet the Client’s demand for special, national, or international services, with a possible request for special vehicles (management of transportation for events, conferences and events, high representation and security services, sightseeing tours and excursions, nighttime service for receptions, theater, clubs, etc.). As an example, LimoLane proposes Design Tours that suggest combining hourly disposition service with a possible itinerary that covers the main points of interest, a tour for the client.

4. External collaborators

LimoLane collaborates with other Chauffeur companies, which undertake to operate with the same standards of quality and efficiency, and may rely on them for the provision of services if deemed appropriate.

4.1 LimoLane ensures that its collaborators and subcontractors perform the assigned service in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and safety protocols. 

4.2 Companies collaborating with LimoLane are solely and directly responsible for the services entrusted to them. 

4.3 For services conducted in the UK by LimoLane Ltd as the holder of the relevant Private Hire Vehicle Operator’s licence, shall accept and allocate Booking Requests to Drivers or Operators. Whilst all Drivers and Operators act in the capacity of independent contractors, Limolane Ltd acknowledges and agrees that it shall act as the contractual principal in respect of any Passenger Transport Services that are subject to the PHV Regulations. 

5. Booking services

5.1 The booking request can be made by Clients:

  • Using the website https://www.limolane.com/en/ by accessing the customer area through a personal account that will be enabled after registration; 
  • Through the LimoLane App, available for free download from the App Store and Google Play, by accessing the customer area through a personal account that will be enabled after registration; 
  • By using a dedicated email address, providing all the necessary information for the service reservation as indicated in point 4.7; 
  • By phone at the dedicated reservation center, which must be followed by a request via email. Phone reservations are confirmed by a communication containing the customer’s data and a description of the booked service, sent to the email address provided by the customer and visible through the App or web portal.

5.2 LimoLane confirms the booking by email and assumes no responsibility for reservations made through other systems. The booking confirmation sent must be kept and, upon request, presented to the driver. 

5.3 The service will be provided in the manner, times, and places indicated in the service confirmation document, which the Client recognizes as full proof between the parties regarding the execution of the service itself, as agreed. 

5.4 The Client is required to verify the correctness of the information contained therein and promptly report any discrepancies from what was requested. 

5.5 Vehicle availability is guaranteed if the booking request is confirmed automatically and digitally via email for reservations made on the web platform and the LimoLane App. For reservations sent via email and phone, availability is guaranteed upon receipt of the service confirmation via email. The guarantee of availability may not be ensured in the case of: demonstrations, fairs, international conferences, large private and institutional events, mandated holidays, natural events, and force majeure events. LimoLane undertakes to promptly inform the customer in case the reservation is not successful. 

5.6 At the time of booking, the client is required to communicate:

  • The departure and destination address, including street/square/avenue and street number; 
  • The departure time of the service;
  • The total number of passengers;
  • The type of requested vehicle;
  • The presence of luggage and its dimensions;
  • The presence of minors requiring child seats or other safety systems as required by the Traffic Code;
  • The presence of animals;
  • The presence of passengers with special assistance requests. For example, but not limited to, the need for wheelchair transportation;
  • In case of departures from points of interest such as airports or train stations, provide the flight number or train number. 

6. Online service reservations

6.1 To use the services offered on the website and, in particular, to place orders and reservations, registration is required. 

6.2 The information contained in the descriptive pages of the services offered is purely informative and does not constitute a contractual proposal or an offer to the public for the described services. 

6.3 No information on this site can be considered as a contractual offer or an invitation to contract, except for pages describing specific services for which a contractual offer is expressly and unequivocally made. 

7. Rates

7.1 The rates are subject to continuous variations depending on the time, day of the week, the time remaining until the service is requested, and the availability of vehicles. In the case of an agreement or framework agreement, the rates will be fixed and not subject to changes unless previously agreed upon. 

7.2 For direct out-of-town transfers (without stops), the rate is calculated with a per-kilometer cost considering both the outbound and return trips. 

7.3 The rates include: fuel and highway tolls in Italy. Additional expenses (such as restricted traffic zones, tolls abroad, ferries, etc.) will be charged at the end of the ride. 

7.4 Airport pick-up/drop-off services have dedicated rates. 

7.5 Unless otherwise indicated, for services starting at the airport, and only if the correct flight code is provided, the rate includes 45 minutes free from the time of the flight landing, while for all other services, the rate includes 15 minutes of free waiting time. 

7.6 Waiting time beyond that specified in point 7.5 will be charged on an hourly basis. 

7.7 For each service lasting equal to or exceeding 8 hours, a meal reimbursement is due as per the tariff. On the ninth hour from the start of the service, a second meal for the driver is provided at the same price. 

7.8 In the case of services that involve the driver staying overnight, reimbursement for hotel expenses will be communicated to the customer at the time of booking. 

7.9 For services performed on holidays and/or during nighttime hours (22:00 – 07:00), there is a 20% surcharge on the regular rate, while for services performed on Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter, there is a 50% surcharge. 

7.10 The fee for booked services not utilized due to the customer’s actions is non-refundable. 

8. Payment methods

8.1 At the end of the services, payments must be made using the following methods: 

  • The customer can pay LimoLane’s services by credit card directly through the LimoLane platform or on the app;
  • Business customers can also make payments for services through a bank transfer, after the issuance of an invoice by LimoLane to the company or relevant accommodation facility;
  • As an alternative to the payment methods mentioned in the previous paragraphs, and only if pre-approved in writing to the booker, the passenger (private customer or collaborator/employee/guest of the business customer) can make the payment directly to the driver. In this case, LimoLane will not be responsible for the payment made by the passenger directly to the driver and the related fiscal document. 

8.2 Clause 8.1.3 is not applicable for Journeys operated by LimoLane Ltd. The passenger (Private Customer or collaborator/employee/guest of the Business Customer) cannot make payment for the service directly to the chauffeur driver. 

8.3 The total cost of the service will be invoiced to the customer using the information provided at the time of booking. 

8.4 The customer agrees not to provide false information about their personal details (or the information of their company) and address. 

8.5 Invoices will be sent through an electronic exchange system in detailed format, including a description of the service provided and any additional charges. A courtesy copy will be sent to the booker. 

9. Changes to the service

9.1 Changes to already confirmed bookings may be requested, subject to availability verification and may result in a change in the rate. 

9.2 All changes are considered accepted only if confirmed in writing along with any new applicable rate. 

9.3 If the requested change by the customer cannot be accommodated, the service will be reconfirmed as originally booked. 

9.4 Any extension of the rental and/or the request for additional services beyond those booked will be accommodated based on the driver’s availability, and any agreements made directly with the driver are not the responsibility of LimoLane. 

10. Vehicle requirements

10.1 LimoLane is committed to providing a high-quality service by using safe vehicles equipped with all comforts, driven by professional drivers. 

10.2 The company also commits to using recently registered vehicles, covered by insurance, compliant with the valid circulation permits in Italy and the European Economic Community. 

10.3 Passenger transportation is fully covered by the insurance that the Rental with Driver Service providing the transportation service has contracted with third parties for its vehicles.

11. Luggage transport

11.1 Each passenger can carry a maximum of two items. (1 checked baggage of standard size and 1 carry-on bag).

11.2 Any excess baggage (e.g., sports equipment such as skis and gear, etc.) must be declared at the time of booking to ensure that the rented vehicle is properly equipped for such types of transport. 

11.3 The driver may refuse to load bulky, undeclared items onto the vehicles, excess luggage, or items that are not in suitable transport conditions (e.g., broken, dirty, wet luggage, etc.), if they believe it may compromise the safety conditions of the journey. 

11.4 The transportation of luggage in the passenger compartment is not allowed according to the traffic regulations.

11.5 Passenger belongings are transported under the exclusive responsibility of the passenger who declares ownership at the time of boarding. 

11.6 Responsibility for theft, damage, or loss of luggage cannot be contested to either the company or the driver. 

12. Customer behaviour during use

12.1 Users of the rental service are prohibited from: 

  • Smoking during transport;
  • Throwing objects from the vehicles, whether stationary or in motion;
  • Defacing, soiling, or damaging the vehicle;
  • Eating and/or consuming alcoholic beverages;
  • Demanding the transport of pets without adopting, in agreement with the rental provider, all measures necessary to avoid damage or soiling of the vehicle;
  • Demanding transport that violates the safety and behavior regulations outlined in the current Traffic Code.

13. Cancellation terms

13.1 The customer can cancel the reservation via dedicated email or through the customer area on the website https://www.limolane.com/en/ or the LimoLane app, within the following timeframes, unless otherwise agreed. 

13.2 For service cancellation, the following penalties apply for services provided in the Italian territory: 

Transfer Services in the Metropolitan Areas of Milan and Rome with a estimated value at the time of booking less than €350.00: 

  • Up to 8 hours before departure, no penalty is applied;
  • Up to 4 hours before the service departure, a penalty equal to 50% of the total amount is applied, and within 4 hours, the full service amount must be paid. 

Transfer Services in the Metropolitan Areas of Milan and Rome with an estimated value at the time of booking exceeding €350.00: 

  • Up to 24 hours before departure, no penalty is applied;
  • Up to 12 hours before the service departure, a penalty equal to 50% of the total amount is applied, and within 12 hours, the full service amount must be paid. 

Transfer Services outside the Metropolitan Areas of Milan and Rome: 

  • Up to 24 hours before departure, no penalty is applied;
  • Up to 12 hours before the service departure, a penalty equal to 50% of the total amount is applied, and within 12 hours, the full service amount must be paid. 

Hourly Disposal Services: 

  • Up to 24 hours before departure, no penalty is applied;
  • Up to 12 hours before the service departure, a penalty equal to 50% of the total amount is applied, and within 12 hours, the full service amount must be paid. 

13.3  For the cancellation of the service, the following penalties apply for services rendered in the UK & Ireland territory: 


  • No penalty is applied up to 8 hours before departure;
  • A penalty equal to 50% of the total amount is applied until 4 hours before departure;  
  • Within 4 hours, the service must be entirely paid. 

Hourly Disposition Services: 

  • No penalty is applied up to 24 hours before departure; 
  • A penalty equal to 50% of the total amount is applied until 12 hours before departure;  
  • Within 12 hours, the service must be entirely paid. 


  • For Events (as defined as bookings over £2000) separate cancellation terms and conditions apply as defined by a terms agreement agreed between the Client and LimoLane Ltd.

13.4 For all cancellation points and timeframes mentioned above, the nighttime period (22:00 to 07:00) is not considered. In case of canceled flights/trains or delays exceeding 30 minutes, the customer must notify the reservation number to ensure the presence of a representative upon arrival. 

13.5 If the customer fails to notify about the delay or cancellation of the flight/train, the right to the service is forfeited, and a penalty equal to 50% of the total amount must be paid. 

13.6 In all other cases, if the customer does not show up within one hour from the start of the service without notifying any delays or cancellations (so-called “No Show”), the right to the service is forfeited, and the full amount plus any waiting supplements must be paid. 

13.7 For bus services, disposals, tours, and special services, the cancellation timeframes are extended and will be communicated at the time of booking; otherwise, the following conditions apply: 

  • Up to 24 hours before departure, no penalty is applied;
  • Up to 12 hours before the service departure, a penalty equal to 50% of the total amount is applied, and within 12 hours, the full service amount must be paid. 

13.8 For all cancellation points and timeframes mentioned above, the nighttime period (22:00 to 07:00) is not considered. For services and reservations related to special events or occasions, cancellation terms and conditions will be regulated by agreement between the parties through email or a specific contract. 

14. Responsability and limitation of compensation

14.1 LimoLane uses means and external collaborators. Each collaborator is certified by LimoLane and authorized to operate the Chauffeur-Driven Rental service. LimoLane reasonably commits to ensuring that vehicles arrive on time for departure and arrival appointments, and it will not be responsible for delays due to force majeure. 

14.2 Costs, losses, or other damages caused to the customer and attributable to LimoLane, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, will be reimbursed only within the limits of the value of the requested service. 

14.3 If LimoLane is unable to transport the customer, with the means of external collaborators, to the booked and paid destination, it will organize the transfer with external means (taxi or rental car) and subsequently reimburse the customer for the cost of such transport upon presentation of a receipt/invoice; the refund cannot exceed the agreed-upon rates for the same route. 

15. Insurance

15.1 The company is insured to cover the risks arising from transportation, for which liability is attributable to it according to the law and as provided in this contract. 

15.2 The company will not be liable for damages to persons or property whose value may exceed the policy limit. In any case, the company’s liability is excluded for the loss and/or damage of goods transported by the customer resulting from fortuitous events, force majeure, the nature and/or defects of the goods themselves, the customer’s actions, or when the prejudice arises from inaccurate or withholding information from the customer or the characteristics of the goods themselves. 

15.3 In any case, the customer will hold the company harmless and indemnify it from any claims that its own insurance companies, for any reason and/or title, may raise against the company in the future. 

15.4 LimoLane will ensure that all suppliers and subcontractors have adequate and sufficient insurance coverage to perform the Chauffeur-Driven Rental service in accordance with current legal norms. 

16. Claims

16.1 Any complaint regarding services provided by the company must be made in writing and sent to LimoLane via registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt or certified email within 8 days from the end of the rental service, under penalty of forfeiture. In any case, no complaint regarding the quality of services rendered can be asserted, even in court, if the regular payment of the services to which the complaint refers has not taken place. 

16.2 In case of lost or found items inside the vehicles LimoLane will act in accordance with its Lost and Found Policy. The passenger or the customer can send an email to [email protected] reporting the loss of an object. The customer will bear any transportation and delivery expenses for the lost item. 

16.3 Non-perishable items are kept for 12 months before being donated to a charitable cause. If the item is perishable, it will be disposed of at the expiration date. 

17. Interpretation

17.1 If any provision of this Contract is deemed invalid or ineffective, in whole or in part, it will be considered as not part of this Contract, which will remain valid and enforceable for the remaining provisions. 

18. Legislation and competent court

18.1 The rental relationship under this contract is governed by Italian law. In case of a conflict between the Italian version and any translated versions of this contract, the Italian version will always prevail. 

18.2 For all disputes regarding the interpretation, validity, or execution of the contract or individual clauses, the exclusive jurisdiction is the Court of Milan. 

18.3 In the case of LimoLane Ltd These Terms and all non-contractual obligations arising in any way whatsoever out of or in connection with the Terms are exclusively governed by the laws of England and Wales. Any disputes or claims arising out of or related to these Terms are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. 

18.4 LimoLane shall be free to assign, novate or otherwise deal with the whole or any part of its rights or obligations under this Agreement to any Group Company without the prior written consent of the User. Any such change shall be implemented in accordance with this clause 17.

19. Privacy

19.1 LimoLane undertakes to treat personal data in compliance with the current provisions on the protection of personal data, adopting the necessary measures to ensure compliance with the GDPR and all laws and regulations of the European Union and the European Economic Area for the security of personal data. 

19.2 When the purchase of services under Article 2 of these General Conditions is made by a Private Customer or a Business Customer, LimoLane acts as the Data Controller pursuant to the European Regulation 2016/679 (“Regulation” or “GDPR”) and processes personal data as defined within the Privacy Policy.

19.3 In addition to what is provided in paragraph 19.2, when the purchase of services is made by a Business Customer, LimoLane and the Business Customer act as independent Data Controllers for the data of users who use the LimoLane Service as employees, collaborators, or guests of the Business Customer. For the processing operations of personal data carried out by the Business Customer, reference is made to the privacy information provided from time to time by the company to its collaborators and/or employees or by the reception facility to its guests. 

* * *

In accordance with and for the effects of articles 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code, the parties, after reading each clause and reviewing the contract, the Customer expressly declares to approve the following clauses: 4) Service Booking; 6) Rates; 8) Changes to the Service; 10) Baggage Transport; 12) Cancellation Terms; 13) Liability and Limitation of Compensation; 14) Insurance; 15) Complaints; 16) Interpretation; 17) Legislation and Competent Court.