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Our mission is to transform premium mobility and make every journey an unforgettable experience for our customers. Experience this revolution as a key player: join our team.

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Being part of LimoLane means believing in continuous innovation and the pursuit of excellence, ensuring a personalized, high-level service for every customer. We want to change the rules of premium mobility, thanks to a global team and constant investment in digital and customer service. Join us and start working in a team that shares your values.


Our focus on growth

Growth is essential to us, both as professionals and as people. We embrace mistakes as learning opportunities that strengthen our ability to adapt. We want to create a work environment where personal development is at the center.


We are passionate

Passion is the energy that fuels our desire to innovate, explore new horizons and create extraordinary experiences for our customers. It is the engine that enables us to look beyond the ordinary and exceed our customers' expectations.


We believe in sharing

Team spirit is the glue that holds our skills, experiences and perspectives together. Each of us has a role to play, and the sum of our parts contributes to the success of the whole team. By sharing, we bring out the best in each other while having fun.


Our pursuit of excellence

We are committed to providing our stakeholders with a superior level of quality in every aspect of our work. We consider excellence to be our distinctive signature, an unmistakable commitment to attention to detail in all of our service.

"Premium mobility around the world"

francesco righetti, group ceo

LimoLane is a growing reality that brings its vision of premium mobility not only to Italy, but to the whole world. With offices in Milan, Rome, London and Paris, we offer a service that is attentive to the needs of all our customers, wherever they need us. To date, LimoLane’s chauffeur service covers more than 500 cities and involves more than 6,000 drivers…and we certainly don’t want to stop there!

“travel far and enjoy the journey”

Alessia Di Iacovo, Head of People & Culture

The essence of LimoLane is travel – an experience made up of speed, enthusiasm and the desire to push boundaries. An experience that requires preparation and planning, but also improvisation, creativity and open-mindedness. An experience that must be shared with fellow travelers who can make it unforgettable. I am very proud of the increasingly diverse, international and talented team.

“Setting new standards of luxury”


LimoLane is about the power of innovation, collaboration, and passion. Thanks to these driving forces, my team in France has successfully opened a market from scratch, and 12 months later we are speaking to industry giants and attracting top talents to continue our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We are setting the standard for luxury mobility in a market that has already high expectations.

“Becoming the most reliable mobility provider”

oliver jones, mANAGING DIRECTOR uk

Coming from this industry, I am only too familiar at how dynamic and fragmented the chaffeur market is. I was drawn to LimoLane for the possibility to create a unique experience of reliability and innovation for clients worldwide, where the UK can truly represent the gateway to other English-speaking and international markets. With creativity and determination we are contributing to LimoLane Group’s global expansion.

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