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How much does the Chauffeur service cost?

  • Business Mobility
  • June 6, 2023
how much does chaffeur service cost

Knowing how much it costs to rent a Chauffeur-driven car is the first step to reserve your vehicle and start managing your transfers easily.

One of the most interesting advantages of the Chauffeur service is indeed the possibility to know with certainty the price of the serviceUnlike a taxi ride, the cost of which depends on the taximeter, the Chauffeur-driven car has a price that’s agreed in advance at the moment of booking. This price will not be changed based on conditions such as traffic.

Chauffeur service’s price depends on several factors, because of this it can vary. Let’s see together how much it costs to rent a Chauffeur-driven car and what the variations depend on.

What does the price of the Chauffeur service depend on?

The cost of a Chauffeur depends on several factors, which contribute to the definition of an estimate. These are: 

  • The number of the passengers
  • The type of the vehicle chosen
  • The distance of your transfer
  • The duration of your transfer
  • Times

Number of passengers

The number of passengers has an impact in setting the price. This is because, based on the passengers on board, there will be a variation on the vehicle chosen, on the number of luggages and if needed, on the handling of special requests. For example, in the case of transfers with kids, child seats will also be arranged.

Type of vehicle

Also the type of vehicle is an important information for the definition of the Chauffeur service price. The Chauffeur service allows you to choose among different options, based on your specific needs. By choosing LimoLane to hire chaffeur for day, you’ll be able to access a catalog of cars, minivans, buses and vans based on your transfer needs.

Distance of your transfer

Generally, Chauffeur service’s costs rise as the distance to be covered increases. For example, the costs of transferring within the same city are typically lower than the transfers between cities.

Duration of your transfer

There are several ways to access the Chauffeur car service: apart from renting a driver and a vehicle for some hours, you’ll be able to choose to extend the service for more days. When booking for several days, the hourly cost of chauffeur tends to decrease.


Usually, services requested for an emergency or during the night are priced higher than daytime bookings. However, by booking  your transfer in advance even at night, you can more easily smooth out the price differences.

How much does the Chauffeur service cost per hour?

Speaking about costs in absolute terms is impossible because, as we have said, there are many variables and they can cause the Chauffeur service’s prices to fluctuate even considerably.

What we can say, however, is that the Chauffeur service’s hourly costs generally decrease as the number of booking hours increases. If you need a Chauffeur-driven car for an entire trip, you can certainly amortise expenses. The good news is that, by entering your booking parameters, you will receive a real-time estimate for the transport you require, with no surprises at the time of payment.

How to understand Chauffeur service rates?

Getting an estimate on your Chauffeur service is very easy with LimoLane.

By using our web app, you’ll be able to enter all the details of your trip and immediately have a clear vision of the costs. Here are the steps to follow: 

  • First of all, choose the destination, specifying the departure and arrival location
  • Now, book a service, choosing the day and time. You’ll be able to book your own private car and your driver for all of the time that you need, up to one hour before the meeting
  • Once you’re done with this step, you’ll be able to choose the car based on your needs, on the number of passengers and luggages. Relying on LimoLane you’ll be sure to travel with utmost comfort, thanks to a top quality vehicle fleet
  • To conclude, you’ll be able to communicate your travel needs to your driver.

At this point you’ll have an estimate of the costs of your Chauffeur-driven car, which will always be fixed.

Why choose the Chauffeur service?

The Chauffeur service is the ideal solution for traveling with utmost comfort and for accessing all of the prices in advance. Choosing a Chauffeur-driven car will allow you to:

  • Choose the most suitable vehicle for your needs and travel with utmost comfort and privacy. You’ll be able to choose top quality vehicles with wide and comfortable seats
  • Reach any place you want, even those places outside of the city that public transport usually can’t reach
  • Have the certainty of the price before booking the service. Unlike taxis, by traveling on a Chauffeur-driven car you’ll always know the rate of your rental
  • Booking the vehicle in advance: you’ll be able to book your vehicle up to an hour before your arrival, even during the night. In the case you’ll arrive at the airport, the driver will be waiting for you at the gate.

To book your premium Chauffeur-driven car with LimoLane, start here.