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Chauffeur service VS taxi: which one to choose?

  • Business Mobility
  • May 24, 2023
chaffeur service vs taxi

If you’re looking for an alternative travel solution to a private car or public transports, you may be wondering what to choose between Chauffeur-driven car and taxi.  

Getting around easily, comfortably and safely is one of the most popular needs among those who travel for work or in their free time. That’s why many people are choosing to replace public transport such as buses, trains and metros with non-scheduled means of transport like Chauffeur-driven cars  or taxis. 

Even if these two services are often perceived as similar, actually there are several differences between chauffeur-driven cars and taxis

Here’s a detailed comparison between Chauffeur-driven cars and taxis.  

What is a Chauffeur service?  

Chauffeur service allows you to rent a car for your travels and have a private driver who will follow your itinerary. Your driver will be fully responsible for your journey: he will be the one to think about the route to be taken and provide you with useful resources to travel comfortably and safely. 

Chauffeur service has now become an increasingly requested service both between companies and privates, because it offers the certainty to have at your disposal a driver who’s waiting for you, to take you to your destination.  

What is a taxi?  

A taxi is a service in which a driver offers to drive one or more passengers to their destination, by means of a public transportation system. Taxis are typically used inside the cities as daily means of transport: taxis are generally taken without booking ahead of time and by simply going to the designated taxi ranks when people need to handle short journeys. 

What are the differences between a Chauffeur-driven car and a taxi? 

There are several important differences between these two approaches to the mobility:  

Let’s go through them together:  

  • The price of the service. The first big difference between Chauffeur-driven cars and taxis lies in the costs and the calculation of the fare. Taxi drivers are only obliged to calculate the cost of the journey when you get on board. The Chauffeur-driven car, on the other hand, has no taximeter and offers a fixed cost that you’ll know in advance.  
  • Choosing the driver. The Chauffeur service allows you to choose the driver you will rely on for your journey, you’ll agree with him on your arrival and your specific travel needs. On the contrary, you will not be able to choose the driver you will find when boarding a taxi; 
  • Punctuality and safety of finding someone waiting for you. Chauffeur-driven cars can be booked in advance: for example, when you’ll arrive at the airport you’ll find a driver who’s waiting for you that will drive you to your destination. This does not apply for the taxi: there’s the risk of not finding one available and of having to endure long waiting times outside of stations and airports.  
  • The possibility of traveling on a premium vehicle.  Chauffeur services have at their disposal high-end, elegant and comfortable premium vehicles. What’s more you’ll also be able to opt for a van in the case you’re traveling with a group of people. Taxi services offer average vehicles, the type of which cannot be chosen. 
  • The journey. Chauffeur-driven cars can also reach some places in which you generally won’t find other means of transport. They will offer you utmost freedom on your journey. For example, Chauffeur-driven cars can be also booked for more suburban areas that are not covered by taxi services.  

As you can see, there are many differences, that’s why choosing what to pick between Chauffeur-driven cars or taxis requires the evaluation of several elements, depending on the nature of your trip.  

How do you book Chauffeur-driven cars and taxis?  

Booking methods for Chauffeur-driven cars and taxis are different. Taxis can park in public places: inside the cities there are designated stations in which you can find them, or you can call them through a specific telephone or telematic service.  

Booking a Chauffeur-driven car is different. Chauffeur-driven cars don’t park on the street, but they can be booked through specific appsjust like LimoLane.

Taxi or Chauffeur-driven cars: which is the best?  

As we just saw, taxi and Chauffeur services respond to two different needs and represent two different mobility approaches.  

That’s why it’s always your specific need that chooses the best service for you. For example, if you have a business appointment and you have to get to the center of the city from the airport, if you have to go through suburban streets, the Chauffeur service is surely the ideal option for you because it increases the level of comfort and eliminates delays.  

Taxis can be used for non-planned journeys inside the city areas, because they don’t have the same characteristics as Chauffeur-driven cars.  

Which are the advantages of Chauffeur services?  

The Chauffeur service is the ideal solution to optimize travel times and meet all the needs of companies and privates.  

By choosing a Chauffeur-driven car you’ll be able to:  

  • Know exactly the price of your journey. Unlike with taxis, you won’t risk stumbling on any surprises: Chauffeur-driven cars’ prices are clear since the moment of your booking.  
  • Count on utmost punctuality of your travels. You’ll be able to have an experienced and punctual driver, ready to handle and drive you through your business or leisure journey.  
  • Travel comfortably. Your Chauffeur-driven car will allow you to tackle every journey while enjoying the best levels of comfort. Our top class vehicles are spacious and perfect even for longer journeys.  
  • Manage your journey with maximum flexibility. You can book your Chauffeur-driven car in advance, up to one hour before your journey.  
  • Comfortably (and quickly) reach every place, even those in which generally you can’t find means of transport. You can travel from your hotel to the airport or the station, or have someone supporting you in your quicker travels to exhibition or congressional areas.  
  • Have utmost privacy and discretion for the whole journey, without having to share your movements with other people or in louder environments like trains, metros or buses.  

Choose your Chauffeur service  

Choosing between Chauffeur-driven cars and taxis is the first step for organizing your trip. If you’re looking for privacy, punctuality, safety and reliability, Chauffeur-driven cars are the right option for you.  

You’ll have at your disposal a top quality vehicle and a driver ready to accompany you on all of your travels. If you have to leave for a business trip, if you want to enjoy a holiday with the person you love, if you’re waiting for clients and want to show them your company and your city, the Chauffeur-driven car is the ideal solution for you.  

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