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How to get to the Centre National de Tir Sportif

  • Business Mobility
  • April 2, 2024
how to get to the centre national du tir sportif

If you are planning a trip to France for the Olympic Games or other major events, you will certainly find it helpful to know how to get to the Centre National de Tir Sportif.

Among the disciplines that will enliven the Olympic Games, shooting will play a prominent role and the Centre National de Tir Sportif (CNTS) in Châteauroux will be the stage for great challenges.

So, how to get to the Centre National de Tir Sportif? Your journey to the shooting center can be a pleasant and comfortable experience. In this guide, we will explain the different means of transport available to you and help you choose the solution that best suits your needs and travel style.

Where is the Centre National de Tir Sportif located?

The Centre National de Tir Sportif is one of the largest shooting ranges in Europe. Expanded in 2022 with the addition of a finals building, the Center is ready to host competitions at the highest level in the world.

The center is located in Châteauroux, a jewel in the Indre department, in the lush central region of France. This area, characterized by a variety of landscapes, is a crossroads of history, culture and nature. 

Châteauroux itself is a town that balances modernity with old world charm. Its rich cultural heritage is reflected in the historic buildings, museums and festivals that enliven the town’s life throughout the year, offering visitors an authentic window into “French life”, better known as l’art de vivre à la française, off the beaten tourist track. 

From its historic center, with architecture that tells centuries of history, to its green parks and open spaces, Châteauroux is a destination that surprises and welcomes.

Nearby, nature offers idyllic scenery such as the Etangs de la Brenne, the Brenne Regional Park, a paradise for birdwatchers and hikers.  This unique setting makes the Centre National de Tir Sportif and Châteauroux the beating heart of shooting for the 2024 Olympics, but also an ideal starting point to discover the wonders of the Indre.


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How to reach the Centre National de Tir Sportif?

Getting to the Centre National de Tir Sportif for the 2024 Olympic Games requires careful planning. Several transportation options are available to meet the needs of all visitors, from the convenience of a direct trip to the flexibility of alternative routes. Of course, not all modes of transportation offer the same level of privacy and reliability. 

The Centre National de Tir Sportif can be reached by public transport, such as:

  • Plane
  • Train
  • Bus

It can also be reached by non-scheduled public transport, such as taxi and car rental with driver. Let’s look at the different options together. 

Getting to the Centre National de Tir Sportif by plane

If you are planning to travel to the Centre National de Tir Sportif by plane, there is a convenient solution for you: the Marcel Dassault Airport in Châteauroux. The airport is very close to the Centre National de Tir Sportif and is therefore a good place to land.

However, being a “minor” airport compared to those in nearby Paris, there are often not many flights available and the choice of schedules is limited. In fact, in addition to Marcel Dassault Airport, you can also take as a reference the airports in Paris: Roissy Charles De Gaulle (CDG), Orly (ORY) and Beauvais Tille (BVA).

From these airports, there are several ways to get to your destination. 

The simplest and most convenient option is to rent a car with driver: if you choose airport transfer, your driver will wait for you at the terminal, even if your flight is delayed, to take you to the Centre National de Tir Sportif.

Getting to the Centre National de Tir Sportif by train

From Paris, a direct train ride to Châteauroux takes about 2 hours, an option to consider if you are departing from the capital. From other cities, travel times increase considerably to over 6 hours, with at least one change, making the trip less direct and potentially more tiring.

Châteauroux station, a 15-minute drive from the Centre National de Tir Sportif, offers direct connections from Paris (2 hours) and connections with one or more changes from Lille (from the north), Bordeaux (from the west), Montpellier (from the south) and Strasbourg (from the east). Again, you can choose to take a taxi or rely on a private chauffeur to cover the short distance between the station and the Centre National.

Reaching the Centre National de Tir Sportif by car

Châteauroux can be reached via the A20 (l’Occitane) highway, which links Paris to Toulouse, or via the Départementale 925. Travel times vary depending on your starting point. 

How to get to the Centre National de Tir Sportif by bus

The bus ride from Paris CDG to Châteauroux, including transfers, takes approximately 5 hours. This is one of the least time-efficient options and can make for a tiring travel experience.

There is no direct service from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Châteauroux, but the bus with a transfer at Paris City Center – Bercy Seine is the best, albeit longer, option.

How to get to the Centre National de Tir Sportif by taxi

As far as non-scheduled public transportation is concerned, one way to get there, especially from the nearby Châteauroux train station or the airport, is by taxi. However, it can be very difficult to find an available taxi, especially during the high season or close to a major event, with very long waiting times.

Why choose a chauffeur-driven car to get to the Centre National de Tir Sportif?

During peak seasons or in the midst of a major event like the Olympics, finding a mode of transportation that offers both convenience and reliability can completely transform your experience. 

With chauffeur-driven rental cars, you can enjoy a personalized, stress-free travel experience with convenient access to all major sports and event venues.

LimoLane offers premium service with comfort, style and reliability from any departure point directly to the Centre National de Tir Sportif. 

The LimoLane service eliminates any concerns about travel time and possible inconvenience, because:

  • You can personalize the move. Whatever your point of departure, chauffeur-driven rental offers you a direct solution to the Centre National de Tir Sportif, eliminating waiting times and transfers. From the moment of booking, LimoLane guarantees an experience tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or in a group, LimoLane can provide you with the perfect vehicle to ensure maximum comfort and space. Your chauffeur will be ready to meet you at the agreed meeting point (even at the terminal in the case of airport transfers), assist you with your luggage and answer any questions you may have about your trip or destination
  • You can travel in comfort. While other transportation options require hours of travel and often transfers, LimoLane’s chauffeured rental minimizes travel time and allows you to arrive at your destination stress-free. This means more time and energy to fully experience the Olympics
  • The service is punctual and reliable. With large events, schedules can be tight and the possibility of delays or mishaps is high. When you choose LimoLane, you choose punctuality. Your driver will wait for you even if there are unexpected delays, ensuring that you always arrive on time for your scheduled activities or events.
  • Pricing is always transparent. Unlike other forms of transportation that have a meter and fluctuating prices, the cost of your chauffeur is always in plain text, from the moment you book, so there are no surprises.

Rely on LimoLane: enjoy the comfort and flexibility of our chauffeur service and arrive at the Centre National de Tir Sportif ready to experience the excitement of the races. To book your service, download our app or access the web application.