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How to get to Beaujoire Stadium: bus, plane, train, chauffeur-driven car

  • Business Mobility
  • March 22, 2024
how to get to beaujoire stadium

If you are thinking of coming to Nantes for the 2024 Olympic Games or other sporting events, you will certainly find it helpful to understand how to get to the Beaujoire Stadium, the beating heart of this major sporting event.

More than just a stadium, we are talking about a true sports icon:

  • The proud home of FC Nantes since 1984
  • A landmark in the French football and sports landscape
  • The site of such prestigious global events as the 1984 European Championships, the 1998 FIFA World Cup, the 2007 Rugby World Cup and now the 2024 Olympic Games.

There are several ways to get to the Beaujoire Stadium, but not all offer the same level of comfort and privacy. Here is how to get to the stadium by different means of transportation.

Where is Beaujoire Stadium? 

The Beaujoire Stadium is located in the Loire Atlantique, a short distance from the banks of the river of the same name, east of the city center of Nantes.

Easily accessible from Paris, it is an unmissable stop on the road to the 2024 Olympic Games, offering a unique setting where sport, history and natural beauty come together to create an unforgettable experience.

Its location also makes the Beaujoire Stadium easily accessible to visitors from other cities and countries.


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How to get to the Beaujoire Stadium from Paris 

Due to its location, Beaujoire Stadium is easily accessible from both the French capital and the city of Nantes. However, not all means of transportation offer the same level of comfort and privacy to get there. 

There are scheduled public transportation options such as plane, bus and train, but there are also non-scheduled public transportation options such as taxi and car rental with driver.

Here are the solutions to get to Beaujoire Stadium.

Getting to Beaujoire Stadium by plane

One of the solutions to get to Nantes if you are traveling from other countries or cities in France is by plane. The airport of choice for the city of Nantes is actually Nantes Atlantique Airport, which is located just 8 kilometers as the crow flies from the center of the city, in the district of Bouguenais.

If you are coming from Paris, the fastest domestic flight from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Nantes Airport is the direct flight, which takes just over an hour.  Once you arrive at Nantes airport (NTE), there are several ways to get to the Beaujoire stadium, which is about 21 km away:

  • You can take public transportation by combining several buses. You will have to plan for several changes to reach your destination, which will extend your travel time
  • Alternatively, you can rent a car with driver and book an airport transfer: in this case, your driver will wait for you at the terminal, even if your flight is delayed.

Getting to the Beaujoire Stadium by train

Nantes is well connected by rail to major French cities, including Paris, which can be reached in two hours thanks to the high speed TGV inOui and SNCF services. 

From the Nantes train station, the distance to the Beaujoire stadium is quite short, but it can still be covered by public transport, as it is about 6 km. 

Again, there are several options, depending on your needs and the level of comfort you are looking for:

  • You can choose the tramway 1, which you can take at the “Gare Nord” near the Nantes station, for about 11 stops, to get off at the “Beaujoire” stop
  • Alternatively, you can opt for a faster and less stressful ride aboard a chauffeur-driven rental car or other non-scheduled public transportation.

Reaching Beaujoire Stadium by tram

Unlike major cities such as Paris, Nantes does not have a metro system. However, the city is served by a surface network that will take you to the stadium from most areas of the city. 

The reference stop is “Beaujoire”, the closest to the stadium, which is a few meters away from the entrance.

Going to Beaujoire by bus

Speaking of getting to Beaujoire by bus, there are several solutions, both from Nantes and from other neighboring cities.

For example, from Nantes station, there are several bus lines, including the C6 (Ranzay stop) and lines 22, 71, 72, 76 (Beaujoire, Halvèque or Batignolles stops), which are useful for getting to the stadium.

Alternatively, there are buses that run on longer routes connecting Nantes to Paris and other French cities.

Getting to the Beaujoire stadium by taxi

Another way to get to the Beaujoire stadium is by taxi. There are several taxi stands in the city, near major roads, hotels, the train station and the airport. Keep in mind, however, that waiting and travel times can increase significantly during high season or major events.

Getting to Beaujoire Stadium with a chauffeur-driven car

If you are looking for a more convenient and personalized way to get to the stadium, chauffeur-driven car is definitely the way to go.

Offering flexibility and a customized service, chauffeur-driven rental allows you to get to Beaujoire Stadium without stress: your driver will manage your itinerary, ensuring comfort and punctuality.

Why choose a chauffeur-driven transfer to the Beaujoire Stadium? 

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are a must-see event and the Beaujoire Stadium in Nantes is one of the most iconic venues for sports fans. 

Using a chauffeured rental service to get to the Beaujoire Stadium, such as the one offered by LimoLane, offers many advantages, such as forgetting about traffic jams, traffic and the stress of traveling.

Here are the reasons why LimoLane is the right choice:

  • Personalized experience. LimoLane doesn’t just get you to your destination, it takes care of every detail of your trip, adapting to your specific needs. From vehicle preferences to route planning, LimoLane offers a customized service for your transfer in Nantes
  • Zero stress. LimoLane allows you to leave stress behind and prepare for your event with peace of mind. Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing environment aboard our vehicles and arrive at the Beaujoire Stadium ready to experience the excitement of the Olympics
  • Impeccable punctuality. LimoLane understands that punctuality is critical for events with set schedules. By knowing the area and using advanced technology to monitor traffic, LimoLane ensures that you arrive on time, without delay or worry
  • Worry-free return. At the end of the event, LimoLane will be waiting to take you to your hotel or other destination. 

Choose LimoLane for a trip to Beaujoire Stadium with comfort and exclusivity: book your service on the web or download the free app.