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Uncover business opportunities for chauffeur services and driver hire operators with LiMO driver network.

LiMO, a
driver tailored solution

LiMO is a service dedicated to LimoLane network.

A driver tailored solution that allows drivers to receive rides and support in their growth strategies with intuitive flow and interface. LimoLane aims to build up a safe network of service exchange among business operators, where our final clients’ privacy is always protected. 

Being part of LiMO network means being part of a digital company that aims to innovate premium mobility services and help create an unforgettable travel experience, which starts with the drivers and the care they put into every aspect of their work.

Chauffeur drivers stand for LimoLane and we want to help them grow their business opportunities on a large scale. We go the extra mile and they will do the same.

Autista del network LiMO alla guida
Mani che si stringono in segno di collaborazione con il parabrezza di un'auto di lusso che si intravede sfocato sullo sfondo

network advantages

Joining our network also means having access to exclusive partnerships that make work easier. LimoLane knows how important it is to work with the best and most professional measures possible.


Thanks to our partnership with Reale Mutua, the largest Italian insurance company in the form of a mutual, LimoLane chauffeurs will have a discount on car insurance, to allow them to do their driver job at best, with few costs.


To further reduce costs for our network, we recently implemented an agreement with Nexi with the aim of reducing fees for each transaction and guarantees a safe and optimized payment experience on all channels.


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