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What do chauffeurs do while waiting?

  • Business Mobility
  • October 4, 2023
what do chauffeurs do while waiting

Chauffeur driven hire is a discreet, comfortable and flexible way to get around a city. If you’ve chosen a city transfer in a premium car, you will have a chauffeur who will take care of your journey and wait for you at each of your stops.

But what do chauffeurs do while waiting? Actually, even if you don’t see it, your chauffeur is working for you. While you are running errands, shopping or managing an appointment, your chauffeur is planning the next stages of your journey and managing a range of activities for you. Let’s see what they are.

What are the duties of a private chauffeur?

Before we understand what chauffeurs do while waiting for their clients, let’s take a look at the responsibilities of this professional.

A chauffeur is a professional who specializes in high class and luxury driving services. Very often chauffeurs accompany important personalities such as managers, politicians, VIPs and celebrities on their travels. 

The main duties of a chauffeur include:

  • Driving high end vehicles. A chauffeur usually drives premium vehicles such as limousines, prestige cars or representative vehicles;
  • Route management. Chauffeurs discreetly and confidentially accompany important people on business or leisure trips;
  • Passenger care. Chauffeurs provide tailor-made chauffeuring services to their clients. This can include transporting groups in a van or accommodating special needs such as wheelchair users;
  • Car maintenance. Chauffeurs are also responsible for the cleaning and security of the vehicle, ensuring that it is always in excellent condition.

What does a chauffeur do when waiting for customers?

Even when waiting, chauffeurs work to ensure safety, punctuality and precision for their clients. Some of the key activities a chauffeur performs while waiting include:

  • Route planning
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Refuelling
  • Running small errands for customers
  • Replacing amenities

Route planning

If you have chosen to hire a chauffeur driven vehicle for a city tour or travel experience, your chauffeur will guide you through every stage of your journey by planning a detailed itinerary.

The itinerary is the tool that allows you to reach your destination and your chauffeur to control every aspect of your journey. The aim is to make every journey as quick and comfortable as possible.

While waiting, your chauffeur will check the traffic situation to avoid the most congested roads. He will also monitor the route you choose in order to anticipate detours and road closures.

The chauffeur will also be responsible for finding a parking space and selecting possible garages.

Vehicle maintenance

Vehicle cleanliness and maintenance are fundamental to providing a high level of service. At stops, chauffeurs check that the vehicle is safe. This includes routine checks such as fluid levels and tyre pressure.

In addition, chauffeurs ensure that the car is always clean, both inside and out. In particular, the chauffeur will ensure that all “touch points” on the car are clean, such as door handles and seat belts.


Another task a chauffeur does while waiting for a customer is refueling. Except for long distance hire with a chauffeur, you will rarely see a chauffeur refueling.

That’s why chauffeurs can fill up during stops to ensure there’s enough fuel for later journeys.

Running small errands for clients

A chauffeur is always alert. This means that while waiting in the car, the chauffeur will look around to see if you are coming back or if you need help with bags and suitcases.

The chauffeur must always be ready to open the door for you to enter the car and place any personal items or purchases in the boot.

The chauffeur can also run small errands for you, such as picking up your laundry or making a restaurant reservation.

Replacing the amenities

Finally, the chauffeur takes advantage of the breaks to renew the amenities on board. In particular, paper towels and water bottles must always be available to the customer.

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