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How to get to the Bercy Arena (Accor Arena Paris)

  • Business Mobility
  • November 30, 2023
how to get to bercy arena

Knowing how to get to the Bercy Arena in Paris could be useful if you are planning to visit France for the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games, or for a leisure or business trip.

The Accor Arena in Paris is one of the most important sports venues in France. It has hosted events such as the Paris Masters, the 1986 World Volleyball Championships and the 1999 European Basketball Championships, the 1989 World Figure Skating Championships and the 2011 European Indoor Athletics Championships.

The Arena Bercy will also be the venue for some of the events associated with the 2024 Olympic Games. 

There are several ways to get to the Arena Bercy in Paris, including bus, metro, taxi or car hire. However, not all of them offer the same level of comfort and reliability. 

Let’s take a look at how to get to the Accor Arena and the different transport options.

Where is the Accor Arena?

The Accor Arena is located in the heart of the city. Specifically, it is situated at 8 Boulevard de Bercy, in the 12th arrondissement. Its proximity to the city center makes it easily accessible for residents and visitors to the French capital. 

In particular, the Arena Bercy is located approximately 15 kilometers from the Tour Eiffel, 5 kilometers from the Louvre Museum and 2 kilometers from the Place de la Bastille.

How to get to the Bercy Arena in Paris

The Accor Arena is a key venue for concerts, sporting events and shows of all kinds. Its location, a few minutes’ walk from Bercy station and close to the Gare de Lyon, makes it very easy to get to the arena by various means of transport.

In fact, there are various ways to get to the Arena Bercy from the center of Paris. Among the public transport, we find:

  • Plane (if you are coming from another city or country)
  • Train
  • Metro
  • Bus

Speaking of non-scheduled public transport, there are:

  • Taxi
  • Hire car with driver

Let’s check out how to get to the Bercy Arena using all the available options.

How to get to the Arena Bercy by plane

The Arena Bercy can be reached by plane through the airports in the French capital. If you are coming from a country or a city other than Paris, the first thing you need to do is get to the capital by a fast means of transport such as a plane.

In this case, there are two airports to choose from: Charles De Gaulle and Orly.

From Charles De Gaulle Airport

  • If you want to take public transport, you can take the RER B train from the airport station in the direction of Robinson, Antony, St-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse to “Châtelet Les Halles”.
  • At Châtelet Les Halles, take metro line 14 in the direction of Olympiades and get off at Bercy. The Accor Arena is a few dozen metres from Bercy station.

Alternatively, if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of public transport, you can opt for a more convenient and direct means of transport such as Hire With Driver.

You can also depart from Orly airport: 

  • You can take the Orlyval train to Antony station.
  • From Antony, take the RER B in the direction of Charles de Gaulle Airport or Mitry-Claye and get off at “Châtelet Les Halles”.
  • Change to metro line 14 in the direction of Olympiades and get off at “Bercy”. 

Again, the most practical solution is to choose a direct means of transport, such as a car with driver.

How to get to the Arena Bercy by train

Another option is to take the train. In this case, the options vary according to your departure point. Here is how to get there from the main strategic stations in Paris:

  • From Gare de Lyon. When you arrive at the Gare de Lyon, you are already within walking distance of the Accor Arena. You can either take a short walk (about 10 minutes) or take the metro (line 14) and get off at Bercy
  • From Gare du Nord. If you arrive at Gare du Nord, the main station for international trains such as the Eurostar, the quickest option is to take the RER B line south to ‘Châtelet Les Halles’. From there, take metro line 14 in the direction of Olympiades and get off at Bercy station
  • From Gare Montparnasse. If your train arrives at Gare Montparnasse, take metro line 6 in the direction of Nation and change at Bercy to line 14 in the direction of Olympiades and get off at the same station.
  • From Gare de l’Est. Take metro line 4 in the direction of Mairie de Montrouge, change at Châtelet and take line 14 in the direction of Olympiades and get off at Bercy.

Getting to the Accor Arena by metro

Another way to get to the Accor Arena is by metro. 

The arena is mainly served by Bercy station, which is a major hub for two Paris metro lines.

Specifically, you can choose between these two solutions:

  • Line 6. Line 6 is one of the lines that serve Bercy station. This line crosses the city from west to east, passing through junctions such as Charles de Gaulle – Étoile, Montparnasse and Place d’Italie. If you are on this line, you can get off directly at Bercy and follow the signs to the Accor Arena. 
  • Line 14. Line 14 is another way to get to the Accor Arena. This line can be convenient if you are coming from stations such as Saint-Lazare or Gare de Lyon. Get off at Bercy station and follow the signs to the arena.

How to get to the Accor Arena by bus

If you want to find out how to get to the Accor Arena by bus, the options vary depending on where you start from. There are dozens of interurban lines with stops close to the venue. In this case, the best choice is the one that is most convenient from your point of departure. Some of the lines that run close to the venue are:

  • Line 24. This line runs through the heart of Paris, passing iconic sites such as Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre. If you take the 24, you can get off at the “Gare de Bercy” stop, which is a short walk from the Accor Arena
  • Line 87. Line 87 is another good option, especially if you are coming from areas such as the Eiffel Tower or the Latin Quarter. In this case, get off at “Gare de Bercy” or “Ministère de l’Économie et des Finances”, both of which are close to the arena
  • Line 64. If you are in the south-east of Paris, line 64 may be a convenient option. This line takes you directly to the ‘Gare de Bercy’ stop, which is a short distance from the Accor Arena.

Getting to the Accor Arena by taxi

Switching to non-scheduled public transport, one way to get to the Accor Arena in Paris is by taxi. To get a taxi in the city, you can use a booking app or simply go to dedicated taxi ranks. 

Many taxi areas can also be found near stations and airports. Keep in mind, however, that waiting times and queues can be quite long.

How to get to the Arena Bercy with a rental with driver

If you’re looking for a convenient and personalized solution to get to the Bercy Arena, a chauffeur-driven hire car is the ideal option. With chauffeur-driven hire, you can hire a car and driver, who will manage every aspect of your itinerary for you.

You can book a chauffeur-driven car hire service up to an hour in advance, with a departure point of your choice, be it an airport (in the case of an airport transfer), but also a station or your hotel.

With your private car you can arrive comfortably at your destination, traveling without stress and without risking delays and interruptions en route.

Why choose a chauffeur driven car hire to go to the Arena Bercy?

Chauffeur-driven car hire allows you to make any journey in Paris with the utmost comfort, depending on your needs. Whether you are planning to attend the French Olympic Games, need to travel to Paris for business or pleasure, LimoLane will be your partner in reaching every corner of the city and its suburbs.

The advantages of LimoLane Chauffeur Hire are:

  • Flexibility: Chauffeur Hire can be booked months in advance to suit your needs. You will find premium cars and vans, including sustainable mobility options
  • Zero waiting time: unlike public transport, you won’t have to wait and you won’t have to deal with possible disruptions to public transport
  • Private driver: you will have a driver who speaks your language and will manage every step of the journey for you
  • Pre-booking: you can book your transfer in advance to ensure optimum management of your journey. When you arrive at the airport, your driver will be waiting for you at the terminal
  • Fixed costs: With a chauffeur-driven hire, the cost is always fixed and there is maximum transparency from the moment you book.

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