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How to Get From Rome Termini Train Station to Fiumicino Airport

  • Business Mobility
  • April 28, 2023
How to Get From Rome Termini Train Station to Fiumicino Airport

If you’re planning a business or a leisure trip to the Capital of Italy, you will certainly find it useful to understand how to get from Rome Termini Train Station to Fiumicino Airport (and the other way around).  

Fiumicino Airport is the most important national stopover and together with Ciampino Airport, is one of the options to arrive or to leave from Rome by plane.

To get to the center of the city from Leonardo da Vinci Airport and the other way around, there are several options. However, not all of them are the same from the point of view of comfort, flexibility and reliability. Here’s an overview of the options for the route from Rome Termini to Fiumicino Airport and how to choose the best means of transport for your needs.

How Far is Fiumicino Airport From the Center of Rome?

Fiumicino Airport “Leonardo da Vinci” is a strategic hub for those who travel for work and those who come to the city for a holiday.

Fiumicino Airport is about 30 km (18.6 miles) from the center of Rome and it is the biggest national stopover. For this reason, it is equipped with many services that will let you reach the center of the Capital.

How to Reach Fiumicino Airport From Rome Termini Train Station

There are several ways to reach the Airport from Rome Termini Station.

The scheduled public transports that you can find are:

  • Train
  • Buses

The non-scheduled transports you can find are:

  • Taxis
  • Chauffeur-driven cars

Let’s go through the features of each option.

How to Reach Fiumicino Airport From Termini Station by Train

One of the options for traveling from Termini Station to Fiumicino Airport is the train. There are several solutions:

  • Leonardo Express Train, it is an express train that connects Rome Termini Station to Fiumicino Airport
  • Regional Train, it is a slower train than Leonardo Express because it stops more times during the route. However, it is less expensive than Leonardo Express.

How to Reach Fiumicino Airport From Termini Station by Bus  

Another way to reach Fiumicino Airport from the center of Rome is to catch a shuttle. There are several companies that offer direct services from Rome Termini to Fiumicino Airport, the prices and timetables might vary.

Rome Termini Station – Fiumicino airport route by taxi

Another option to travel from Rome Termini Station to Fiumicino is to catch a taxi. There is a taxi rank right in front of the main entrance of Termini Station, it is generally very crowded. The price for a taxi may vary depending on the exact point from which you get into the vehicle, but there are fixed prices for the route.

How to Get to Fiumicino Airport From Termini Station by Chauffeur-Driven Car

The most comfortable solution to get to Fiumicino from Termini Station is by chauffeur-driven car. The chauffeur-driven car rental service allows you to book a car and a driver in advance, they will handle for you the entire planning of the journey. By booking a chauffeur-driven car, you’ll be able to arrange in advance (up to an hour in advance), an appointment with your driver and a meeting point (it can even be your hotel) and get straight to the airport at any hour.

Why Choose Chauffeur-Driven Car Rental to Get From Termini Station to Fiumicino?

There are several reasons why you could prefer choosing a Chauffeur-Driven Car for your transfers in Rome:

  • Utmost comfort. Unlike the chaotic and crowded scheduled public means of transports like trains and buses, your Chauffeur-Driven Car allows you to travel with the highest levels of comfort.
  • Flexible hours. By booking a Chauffeur-Driven Car you’ll be able to choose the exact departure moment and meeting point with your driver, avoiding  the long lines typical of the crowded taxi ranks in Rome.
  • Highest reliability. With a Chauffeur-Driven Car, your driver will be waiting for you at the station, they’ll check in real time the arrival of your train. This also applies if you’re traveling from the airport to the center of the city.
  • Punctuality. Your driver will handle for you every phase of the journey, he’ll consider traffic and he’ll opt for different routes. In this way you won’t risk being late for an appointment or losing your flight. In addition, you’ll avoid getting stuck in traffic or risking transport strikes.
  • Absolute privacy. You won’t have to share your car with anyone, you’ll enjoy the highest levels of privacy impossible to get if you travel on public transports.
  • You can travel even at night. If you’re wondering how to get to Fiumicino Airport from Termini Station at night, unlike scheduled public transports, Chauffeur-Driven Car can also meet this need. 
  • Prices are fixed and clear from the beginning. By booking a Chauffeur-Driven Car, you’ll know the price of the service in advance, you’ll avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of payment like it happens on other means of transport that change their prices based on the amount of traffic.

Book your Chauffeur-Driven Car in Rome and travel from Termini Station to Fiumicino Airport

If you’re planning a trip to Rome, a Chauffeur-Driven Car is the ideal solution to experience peaceful journeys in the city. Relying on LimoLane, you’ll have at your disposal expert multilingual drivers who will be able to handle your journey for you, driving you through a very large and complex city such as Rome.

If you want to travel comfortably, be sure of the timetables and enjoy the highest levels of privacy, the Chauffeur-Driven Car rental is the right choice for you.