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How to Get from Malpensa to Milan Central Station?

  • Business Mobility
  • April 28, 2023
how to get from malpensa to milan

Knowing how to get from Malpensa to Milan Central Station is a necessity for all of the travelers arriving outside of the city who need to get closer to its central areas.

If you’re planning a work trip to Milan, or just to spend some of your free time, you should know that there are several ways to get from Milan Malpensa Airport to the center of Milan.

However, not all of them have the same level of comfort and exclusivity. Let’s look together at the options for traveling from Milan’s airport to the center of the city. We’ll see which one you should choose if you’re looking for a stress-free and utmost comfortable journey.

How far is Malpensa Airport from Milan Central Station?

Choosing to land in Malpensa Airport is surely among the best options for reaching Milan.

Malpensa is, in fact, the second closest airport to the center of Milan, following Milan Linate, because it is about 50 km (31.1 miles) from Milan Central station. The closest airports to Milan are Bergamo Airport (about 45 km, 28 miles), Turin Airport (about 125 km, 77 miles) and Bologna Airport (about 190 km, 118 miles).

How to reach Milan Central Station from Malpensa Airport?

There are several means of transport that will help you reach the Central Station of Milan from Malpensa.

Starting from scheduled public transports, in Malpensa you can find:

  • Trains
  • Buses

Among the non-scheduled transports, you can find:

  • Taxis
  • Chauffeur-driven cars

How to reach Milan Central Station from Malpensa Airport by train

The train from Milan Malpensa to Milan Central Station is called “Malpensa Express”, it connects the Airport with Cadorna Station, Central Station and Porta Garibaldi Station.

You can take this train from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, it takes about 45 minutes to reach the center of the city.

With regards to timetables, trains to Malpensa Airport Terminal 1 and 2 generally depart every 30 minutes both from Milan Central Station and Milan Cadorna, from 4:57 a.m. to 11:27 p.m. every day.

How to reach Milan Central Station from Malpensa Airport by bus

To get from the airport to the center of Milan, there are also several shuttle services. The buses have different timetables depending on the company you choose. The prices of the Malpensa – Milan Central station shuttles are also subjected to change depending on the type of bus you choose to cover this journey.

How to reach Milan Central Station from Malpensa Airport by taxi

Let’s now talk about non-scheduled transports. Taxis from Milan Malpensa to Milan Central Station have a fixed price to cover the distance and you can take them outside of the airport.

How to reach Milan Central Station from Malpensa Airport by chauffeur-driven car

To reach Milan Central Station from the airport you can book a chauffeur-driven car and have a car at your disposal for your transfers. You can book the chauffeur-driven car in advance and your driver will be waiting for you outside the Terminal to accompany you to the car and to organize your journey for you.

Why Choose Chauffeur-Driven Car Rental to Reach the Center of Milan

Chauffeur-driven car rental is the most comfortable, reliable and safe option for you to travel from Malpensa to Milan. Unlike all the other options, chauffeur-driven car rental allows you the exclusivity to rent a vehicle and a driver, who will organize for you every aspect of the journey without time restrictions and without the risk of being stuck in the airport because your flight has been delayed.

Choosing a chauffeur-driven car is the ultimate solution because:

  • You’ll be able to book your chauffeur-driven car in advance. If you’ve got a trip to Milan planned, you can already book your chauffeur-driven car and be sure that the driver will be waiting for you at the Terminal. You won’t take any chances of standing in the long lines for a taxi or not finding available seats on trains and shuttles.
  • The driver will be waiting for you at the Terminal, even if your flight is delayed. The LimoLane driver that you choose will monitor your flight and will wait for you at the airport even in the event of a delay from the airline.
  • You’ll have a comfortable car for your transfer. Your chauffeur-driven car will allow you to take on your journey while enjoying the highest levels of comfort.
  • You’ll be able to choose your destination. With your chauffeur-driven car, you can choose to reach Milan Central Station, but also go straight to your hotel or to places that are more difficult to reach by public transports.
  • You’ll be able to transfer even during the night. Unlike public transports, which have scheduled timetables, with your chauffeur-driven car, you’ll be the one to choose the time of the journey based on the time of your arrival at the airport.
  • The price is fixed. From the moment you book, you’ll be aware of the exact cost of your journey with the chauffeur-driven car from the airport to the center of Milan, without any unexpected surprises.

Book your chauffeur-driven car and travel comfortably from Malpensa to Milan Central Station

With LimoLane’s chauffeur-driven car you can count on a top quality vehicle and on a driver ready to accompany you in your journey to the city.

If you want to avoid the chaotic situations typical of public transports, the risk of staying at the airport because of the lack of seats on trains or buses and the long waiting times for taxis, the chauffeur-driven car is the right choice to relieve you of any worries.