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The top 6 flight tracking apps

  • Business Mobility
  • October 11, 2023
flight tracking apps

Flight tracking apps are a very useful tool for chauffeurs when they are waiting for a client. One of the most popular chauffeur services is the airport transfer.

With this service, your personal chauffeur will be waiting for you at the terminal to take you to your destination. Your chauffeur will monitor your flight directly from his mobile phone so that he knows your exact arrival time at the airport and does not keep you waiting.

There are several apps that LimoLane chauffeurs use to monitor flights in real time: here is what they are (and why you may benefit from them).

Why are flight tracking apps useful?

Flight tracking apps allow you to monitor the progress of flights in real time. All you have to do is enter the flight number or the name of the airline to get information on the current status of the flight, such as the scheduled departure and arrival times, the position of the aircraft on the map, and any delays or changes.

These apps are also useful for planning a flight, finding out which airport you are going to land at, and letting family and friends know where you are in the air at all times.

Why do chauffeurs ask customers to provide their flight number?

When you book an airport transfer with LimoLane, your personal chauffeur will ask you to give your flight number. The flight number is used to track your flight and monitor arrival times and possible delays.

This way your chauffeur will be waiting for you at the terminal upon your arrival, even if your flight is late.

What are the best flight tracking apps?

The most popular flight tracking apps are:

  • Flightradar24 flight tracker
  • Planes Live flight tracker
  • Plane Finder – Flight Tracker
  • FlightStats
  • Flight Board
  • FlightAware Flight Tracking

Flightradar 24

Flightradar 24 is the world’s most popular flight tracking app. Available in 150 countries, the app allows you to watch flight routes around the world in real time as they move on a detailed map. 

With this app, you can view details about a specific flight, such as the route, estimated time of arrival, actual time of departure, aircraft type, speed, altitude and high-resolution photos of the aircraft.

You can also search for a specific flight by its number, airport or airline.

Planes Live – Flight Tracker

An alternative to Flightradar24 is Planes Live. With this app you can search for specific flights, airports and locations on the map with the integrated air traffic radar and activate notifications about cancelled flights, new departure and arrival times.

You can also check the weather forecast for a specific location or airport. Available in free and paid versions.

Plane Finder – Flight Tracker

Plane Finder is an app designed for iOS and Android devices that gives you an interactive map to view the position and movement of aircraft in real time.

By downloading the app, you can see arriving and departing flights, check altitude, speed, aircraft identification and other information.

What’s more, the AR mode allows you to view flight data by simply pointing your phone’s camera at the sky.


FlightStats is also an excellent tool for monitoring flights in real time.  Again, by downloading the app, you can track flights and get essential information such as departure/arrival times, delay rates, gates and weather conditions.

Flight Board

One of the most interesting Android apps for flight tracking is surely Flight Board. 

The app allows you to check the status of both departing and arriving flights. In departure mode, you can check all upcoming departures from your gate. In arrival mode, you can check the current arrival time and terminal. 

The app covers around 10,000 airports.


FlightAware is the free app that lets you track any type of flight, from charter to scheduled.

For each flight, you can also get information on any delays, departure and arrival times and the status of the itinerary.

Book an airport transfer with LimoLane

If you’re looking for a reliable and punctual airport transfer, the other app to have on your mobile phone is LimoLane.

LimoLane is the premium chauffeur service that allows you to hire a vehicle and a private chauffeur.

Our chauffeurs accompany tourists, executives, CEOs, politicians, VIPs and celebrities on their travels, from airport arrivals to city tours.

Booking an airport transfer is easy with LimoLane:

  1. Open the LimoLane app, select your destination and enter your departure and arrival points. In this case, it will be the airport where you plan to land;
  2. At this point you can book a ride, choosing the day and time. You can reserve your private car and driver for the entire time, up to one hour before your appointment;
  3. Once you have booked your trip, you can choose the car according to your needs, number of passengers and luggage. With LimoLane, you can choose to travel in Business Class, with vehicles such as the Mercedes E-Class; Luxury Class, with vehicles such as the Mercedes S-Class; Luxury Van, with vehicles such as the Mercedes V-Class; and finally Green Class, with vehicles such as the Tesla Model 3;
  4. Finally, you can communicate your travel requirements to your driver.

Your private chauffeur will be waiting for you at the terminal, tracking your movements in real time with one of the flight tracking apps.