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Why choose the Chauffeur service for long distances?

  • Business Mobility
  • June 9, 2023
chaffeur service for long distances

The Chauffeur service is one of the most versatile mobility options. Apart from the city tours and the airport transfers, the Chauffeur-driven car is an efficient choice also for covering long distances.

Nowadays it is very common to have to travel long distances for work: managers, company executives, CEOsoften travel to manage customers appointments, to attend exhibitions and congresses or training courses.

The same goes for the tourists who want to have an experience “on the road”.

In both cases, the Chauffeur service can help you reach your destination with utmost comfort, avoiding long train journeys or airport layovers.

Let’s see together the reasons to choose the Chauffeur service to travel long distances, who it is suitable for and what benefits there are.

Chauffeur service for long travels: who should choose it?

The Chauffeur service allows you to rent the vehicle you desire and a driver, who will take care of scheduling all of your transfers. Having said that, it is easy to understand how the Chauffeur service is also suitable for longer-than-usual journeys.

One of the key features of the Chauffeur service is its comfort: unlike other means of transport like trains and airplanes, the Chauffeur-driven car is completely private and allows you to travel in comfortable and safe cars.

There are several cases for which a Chauffeur-driven car can be used to handle distances ranging from 300 to 1000 km:

  • If you need to travel for work and you have to reach a client in a city or in a region different from yours;
  • If you need to attend an event, congress or exhibition;
  • If you want to plan a trip with several stop-overs without having to worry about driving;
  • If you need to pick up a client to be driven to your office or if you have to use a representative car to get from one city to another, avoiding public transport’s chaos.

CEOs, managers and company executives

Business travelers can find many benefits in long-distance Chauffeur services.

People who often travel for work rely on buses, trains and airplanes. These means of transport, though, can’t guarantee you total reliability: timetables might vary, there are often breakdowns and delays or strikes that may lead to disruptions in the public service.

At the same time, there are several inconveniences associated with public means of transport, such as the need to transfer from an airport to another, or to change several means of transport to reach your destination.

All of this wasted time is the enemy of work optimisation, which is especially valuable for those in positions of responsibility within a company. That is why CEOs and managers can choose to travel comfortably by Chauffeur-driven car:

  • Without binding oneself to schedules that are often incompatible with one’s own tasks;
  • Without risking falling victim to strikes, breakdowns and interruptions;
  • Having the certainty of arriving to a meeting with the maximum punctuality;
  • Traveling in a premium and comfortable representative car.


Tourists can also find great benefits from the Chauffeur service for long distances. For example, if you need to arrive at a particular airport or to a departure location of a ferry, your Chauffeur driver can accompany you and handle for you longer routes.

The advantages of having a Chauffeur-driven car for longer distances

The Chauffeur service for long distances is the alternative to public transport, it combines comfort, reliability and safety.

If you need to travel for work or if you have personal tasks to handle, the Chauffeur service guarantees you:

  • Comfort throughout the journey. You can Choose the type of vehicle you prefer, from cars to vans in the case you’re traveling with other people. Chauffeur-driven cars are premium vehicles thought to guarantee to the passengers the maximum levels of privacy and comfort;
  • Greater work efficiency. Unlike the chaotic means of transport, you’ll be able to handle your work tasks even on board of the car while you’re traveling.
  • Zero stress. You won’t have to handle transfers from the city to the airport and the other way around, especially if you have to do a trip with different stops. What’s more, you’ll avoid those waiting times needed to catch a plane, which can vary from one to three hours before the actual boarding;
  • Reliability. With the Chauffeur service you’ll have the certainty to arrive in time to all of your appointments, without the risk of being stranded because of strikes or train lines breakdowns;
  • Affordability. The prices of the Chauffeur service are always clear from the moment of booking, which can take place well in advance. In addition, very often the prices of a Chauffeur-driven car are lower than business class flights combined with a transfer from the airport to the city you land.

What routes can be covered with the Chauffeur service?

A long distance Chauffeur service is the ideal solution for covering the most common routes for people who travel for work.

To give some examples, the routes most chosen by LimoLane customers are:

  • Milan – Rome
  • Milan – Bologna
  • Rome – Naples
  • Milan – Turin
  • Milan – Naples
  • Bologna – Naples
  • Milan – Florence
  • Milan – Venice
  • Milan – Verona

In all of these cases you’ll be able to travel on a top quality vehicle that is extremely comfortable, while enjoying the utmost levels of privacy.

Book your Chauffeur-driven car for long transfers

If you want to travel comfortably, the Chauffeur-driven car is the ideal solution for you, it’ll guarantee you privacy and work efficiency.

By choosing LimoLane, you can count on a network of experienced drivers who will handle for you medium-long journeys and who will be capable of designing the best route for you.