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Apps for getting around New York: the best to download

  • Business Mobility
  • January 19, 2024
apps for getting around new york

New York, the city that never sleeps, is a mix of culture, business and entertainment with an energy and atmosphere unlike any other in the world. Getting around such a huge metropolis can be a challenge, which is why New York travel apps can help you plan your itineraries in the Big Apple.

Whatever your reason for getting around New York, in this guide you’ll find public and private transport apps to make your trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Let’s get started.

What are the best apps for getting around New York?

New York is one of the world’s largest cities. Structured like a ‘grid’, getting around this metropolis can be very difficult due to its size, the many subway lines, and the variety of travel needs. 

As well as being a tourist destination that welcomes thousands of visitors, New York is also a hub for events, meetings and conferences, attracting business travelers.

So, depending on your needs, you’ll need different ways to get around New York. The good news is that technology has come to the rescue with several useful apps:

  • KickMap
  • NYC Mate
  • LimoLane
  • City Maps 2 Go
  • New York Subway – Official MTA Map of NY
  • New York Ferry

Let’s see them together.

#1 – KickMap

We start this list of useful apps for visiting New York with KickMap. KickMap is an essential app for planning your subway trips. One of KickMap’s main features is its interactive map, which shows not only the subway lines and stops, but also how they intersect and connect with each other. 

This is particularly useful for those who know little about the city, especially for getting around during rush hours, weekends or other occasions when regular services may change. KickMap also provides real-time information about train times and possible delays, so you can plan your journeys more accurately.

Another advantage of KickMap is that it’s available offline, so you can view it even if you don’t have an internet connection. 

#2 – NYC Mate

Another app for getting around New York is NYC Mate. This easy-to-use app is useful for managing your movements through the city’s public transport system. 

One of the key features of NYC Mate is access to detailed maps and up-to-date schedules for all of New York City’s major public transportation systems, including subways, buses and trains. This allows you to easily view the different transport options available, plan the quickest route and find the closest stops to your current location.

#3 – LimoLane

If you are looking for a mobility option to avoid the chaos and disruption of public transportLimoLane is the solution for you. The LimoLane app allows you to book a private chauffeur and vehicle to suit your needs, manage city tours, airport transfers and more with just a few clicks.

With the free LimoLane app, you can choose when you wish to travel and how long you require your chauffeur for a comfortable and stress-free journey. 

Some of the most interesting features of LimoLane:

  • You can choose from different types of vehicles, from cars to vans, to travel according to your needs. You can plan the date and time of the service, up to one hour before the service;
  • Prices with no surprises. With LimoLane, you can pay for your services directly in the app and enjoy clear and transparent prices. This allows you to know the cost of the service before you even get in the car;
  • You get only professional chauffeurs. You can rely on a driver who speaks your language. The service also includes airport pick-up for transfers into the city, ensuring a stress-free arrival;
  • You can choose from a range of additional services. LimoLane adapts to your specific needs, allowing you to request special equipment such as child seats or transport for the wheelchair user, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey for all passengers.

To find out more, start by downloading the app.

#4 – City Maps 2 Go

City Maps 2 Go is a very interesting app for exploring the city. This app is a kind of interactive ‘map’ that contains detailed information about the city’s points of interest, which can also be viewed offline.

It is not just a set of maps, but a travel guide with useful tips on attractions, restaurants, bars and hotels. These guides are written by experts and passionate travelers, making the advice even more authentic and useful for your trip. 

Another key benefit of City Maps 2 Go is its customisable search functionality: you can search for specific points of interest, filter by categories such as food, shopping or culture and save your favorite places for quick access later.

#5 – New York Subway – Official MTA Map of NY

The New York Subway – Official MTA Map of NY app is a must-have if you want to understand how to get around the New York City underground.

This official app from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) features a detailed and up-to-date map of the New York City subway system, making it easy to navigate. The app features an interactive subway map that shows all lines, stops and connections at a glance. 

The app also gives you real-time information about train times, possible delays or service interruptions, so you can avoid inconvenience and delays. Another great feature is the search function, which allows you to search for your destination and get directions on how to get there by subway.

#6 – New York Ferry

If you want to see New York by ferry and travel between the city’s docks, you can download the New York Ferry app. With this app, you can use the New York ferry system more easily and access every detail about schedules, routes and fares.

The app provides a list of available routes connecting various points of interest along New York’s waterfront, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and beyond. In addition, you will always have up-to-date schedules and real-time information on ferry departures at your fingertips. Also very useful is the ability to buy tickets digitally, avoiding long queues at ticket offices for a smoother journey.

Visit New York with confidence: start here

Whether you’re planning a business trip to New York or a sightseeing tour, travel in comfort with LimoLane. 

With LimoLane, you’ll have a private chauffeur to take you to the city’s best attractions, as well as to your scheduled meetings if you’re in town on business. 

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