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5 myths about chauffeur hire that you should know

  • Business Mobility
  • September 27, 2023
myths about chauffeur hire

Chauffeur Hire is a solution for getting from one place to another, relying on a private chauffeur to manage every aspect of your itinerary.

Despite its growing popularity, there are still many myths about Chauffeur Hire that are worth exploring (and, why not, debunking).

The “legends” about private cars concern different aspects of this service, from the cost to the vehicles chosen. Here are some interesting facts you should know about Chauffeur Hire and the most popular myths about this type of transport.

What are the most common “lies” about chauffeur services?

Chauffeur service is a convenient and flexible mobility option, characterized by the possibility of renting a private chauffeur and a vehicle for a predefined period of time (or route). Although it has become very popular, Hire With Driver still falls victim to some misconceptions and false beliefs. The most common myths about chauffeur driven-car are:

  • The price is too high
  • The use (only) for special occasions and ceremonies
  • The unreliability
  • The lack of safety
  • It is complicated to book

#1 – The price is too high

One of the most common misconceptions about Chauffeur Driven Car Rental is the price. 

Many people believe that Chauffeur Driven Hire is only for rich and that the cost is prohibitive. 

Chauffeur Driven Rental is an extremely affordable service: there are a variety of rates and vehicle options, from cars to buses, depending on your needs.

If you need to plan a city tour or an airport transfer, a rental car with a chauffeur can be even cheaper than a taxi, with the added benefit of not having to wait at rest stops or in long lines. 

When choosing a mode of transportation, it is not just the price that makes a difference. Saving time in queues, freeing up time for your vacation or business trip, and avoiding the stress of strikes or public transportation disruptions are all benefits that a chauffeur-driven rental can offer and should be included in a cost-benefit calculation.

Rates are competitive and always fixed: unlike other means of transportation, there are no meters and the price of the transfer doesn’t vary based on traffic and miles driven. On the contrary, transparency is one of the core values of a chauffeur-driven rental service: you know how much your transfer will cost from the moment you book, so you can avoid any nasty surprises.

#2 – Use (only) for special occasions and ceremonies

Many people think of car rental with a driver only for special occasions, such as weddings or other ceremonies. 

In reality, rental cars with chauffeur are a valid alternative to public transportation for everyday travel and not only for big occasions. On the contrary, hire with driver can be most useful in occasions such as

  • A vacation in a city, to speed up the trip and gain time to spend with family or friends;
  • Traveling to areas that are difficult to reach by public transportation, such as some tourist areas;
  • A business trip with meetings and gatherings where you need to ensure peace of mind and punctuality;
  • A group trip where you need special transportation, such as a van;
  • A congress or trade fair in a venue that is difficult to access.

As you can see, there are not only special occasions, but also more “everyday” moments when a hire car with chauffeur can make all the difference in ensuring punctuality, comfort and privacy.

#3 – The unreliability

One of the most common stereotypes about chauffeurs (and transportation in general) is that they are unreliable. Professionals who work as chauffeurs are distinguished by their approach and must follow a very strict code of conduct, of which punctuality is one of the cornerstones.

In addition, a chauffeur working for a chauffeur company is a professional who, in addition to meeting the legal requirements, has specific skills to handle high-end transportation. For example, a chauffeur knows how best to interact with clients, actively listen to their needs, explain the itinerary, and take care of passengers while providing classy service.

Among the most important requirements that distinguish a chauffeur are:

  • Professionalism: each chauffeur provides excellent service and is subject to specific “rules of conduct”.
  • Discretion: a chauffeur handles the itineraries of celebrities, executives, tourists and politicians. Therefore, privacy and discretion are even more important;
  • Empathy: every chauffeur knows how to listen and anticipate the client’s needs;
  • Punctuality: the chauffeur-driven service eliminates waiting time and ensures maximum punctuality. For example, when arriving at the airport, your chauffeur will monitor the flight and wait for you at the terminal, even if there is a delay.

#4 – The lack of safety

Another false myth about chauffeur driven car concerns safety. There are several reasons that fuel this belief. 

For example, in some countries there may be unregulated ride-sharing services, which creates confusion among consumers about the difference between these services and legal, regulated private chauffeur service.

There are many safety requirements for working as a chauffeur. For example, LimoLane has very high standards and continuous checks for both drivers and cars. 

The chauffeur selection process is very rigorous and these professionals take additional courses to ensure they are compliant and meet all safety standards. Each chauffeur is also an expert in toponymy, knows the best routes to take to reach the destination, and is able to control (and often anticipate) road breaks and changes.

#5 – It’s complicated to book

This is one of the most common myths about Hire With Driver. Booking a private chauffeur is super easy: if you choose to travel with LimoLane, you will have a free app where you can book the vehicle that best suits your needs with just a few clicks.

To book a chauffeur-driven car:

  • Open the LimoLane app and start by selecting your destination, specifying your departure and arrival points;
  • At this moment, you will be able to book a ride by selecting the day and time. You can reserve your private car and driver for the entire time, up to one hour before your appointment;
  • After booking your ride, you will be able to choose the car according to your needs, number of passengers and luggage. With LimoLane, you can choose to travel in Business Class, with vehicles such as the Mercedes E-Class; in Luxury Class, with vehicles such as the Mercedes S-Class; in Luxury Van, with vehicles such as the Mercedes V-Class; and finally in Green Class, with vehicles such as the Tesla Model 3;
  • Finally, you can communicate your needs for the trip to your driver.

As you can see, the process is super easy and within minutes you can book a chauffeur for your route. 

If you are planning a trip or just want to get around town in comfort, book a chauffeur service with LimoLane: start here.